Dr. Edward Bach's flower remedies and treatments in London's centre
Bach Flower Remedies are best described as nature's way of soothing our minds and emotions. Administered by our trained practitioner, Bach treatments and methods were originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s and can work safely alongside more conventional medicine. Dr Bach, a Harley Street doctor and well known Physician, Bacteriologist, Homeopath and researcher, believed passionately that the mind and emotions were equally important in maintaining physical health and wellbeing as other parts of the body and, after identifying 38 basic negative states of mind, he created a flower or plant based remedy for each one. More recent research has confirmed Dr Bach's findings, highlighting links between our emotions and our immune systems.

Bach Flower Remedies and Flower Essences are completely natural products, made from the essence of flora which is hand picked and left for eight hours in the sun. Herbal remedies in liquid form, they help clarify your mind, working on your emotions to dispel negativity, promoting happiness and wellbeing.

Consultation and remedy £65
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